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Circulation of Coronary Artery of Domestic Duck (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus) Hearts Living in Kars Region


Department of Anatomy, Kafkas University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kars, Turkey


Department of Anatomy, Kafkas University, Faculty of Medicine, Kars, Turkey

Acta Vet Eurasia 2021; 47: 137-141
DOI: 10.5152/actavet.2021.21002
Read: 418 Downloads: 276 Published: 30 September 2021

The aim of this study is to uncover the course, distribution and anastomoses of coronary arteries in Domestic Duck (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus) raised at high altitudes and in cold climate conditions in the Kars Region and its neighborhoods. It was found that the arterial nourishment of the heart was provided by the right coronary artery and the left coronary artery in Domestic Duck. Both coronary arteries were divided into two principal branches as the superficial ramus and the profund ramus. It was identified that the interatrial ramus, originating from left coronary, the profund ramus and the superficial ramus of the left coronary, with the profund ramus of the right coronary artery, nourished the interventricular septum. The superficial ramus of the left coronary artery was found as the most potent and thickest branch in Domestic Duck. Numerous anastomoses were observed between the profund ramus of the right coronary artery and the superficial ramus of the left coronary artery. Homocoronary anastomoses were intensively found on the left ventricle, while intercoronary anastomoses were intensively found on the interventricular septum, the apex of the heart, and the atrial surface of the heart. Consequently, the macro anatomical features of Domestic Duck were revealed by using two different techniques.

Cite this article as: Doğan Özivgen, H., & Akbulut, Y. (2021). Circulation of coronary artery of domestic duck (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus) hearts living in Kars region. Acta Veterinaria Eurasia, 47, 137–141.

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